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“Want a training course which teaches you from basics of Javascript to the in-depth details of MEAN stack?  Then Code Garage is the right place for you. The course which was 8 weeks long was in every aspect a great place to learn Javascript and related technologies. Trainees from different technology backgrounds were able to grasp the subject very well. The concepts explained were simple yet so much in detail that there would be a sense of achievement after each class. The project covered all the intricate details of MEAN stack. The training gives a boost in confidence for each and everyone who attended it. Enjoy the learning.”


“Sudhan is a great and hardworking trainer. I took training of MEAN stack development course from him and I must say he’s very skillful, humble, passionate and teaches not only the programming languages but also the real world application development. What he teaches during the course will not only help in improving the way you code, but also help to understand the best coding practices. His course is great for beginners as well as experienced people. I highly recommend it.”


“I have been Sudhan’s student for over 6 months. He is an amazing tutor who can be relied upon for learning the most complex technical topics in web development. I was a part of one of his several batches and he literally changed me from a guy who knew very little about web development to a MEAN stack engineer. I have not found his equal in my graduate school and I believe his most distinguishing quality is his immense experience in UI development. I went from being a novice coder to an expert in Javascript and Javascript frameworks in a matter of months under his guidance.
I strongly recommend any engineer, experienced or fresher, who is looking to learn a new technology to learn under Sudhan and his team for the prospects of an amazing job and an amazing future.”


“Sudhan is a wonderful teacher. He has a wonderful industry experience. He teaches a practical approach on software projects.Only in few weeks I got very clear of the concepts and started coding on my own. I would recommend him to teach JavaScript in a code camp.”


“Sudhan is an excellent instructor. He explains the concepts and delivers the information extremely clear and in an easy to comprehend manner, making sure you first build a solid foundation. By following his course I was able to learn new technologies quickly and in depth.”