Here's Our Journey

and its compelling!


Why do we have to rely on global talent to meet our local hiring needs in the tech sector considering we have some of the best grad schools in our vicinity?


Why do graduates find it hard to land in a job or even getting an internship despite choosing Computer Science as the core from some of the best schools?


It all started with finding an answer to the most important challenge facing the tech industry – which is to identify talent, build human capital assets to meet hiring needs of next gen companies right in the heart of the Silicon Valley. Code Garage is a true Silicon Valley enterprise symbolizing the hallmarks of a valley startup –



 Coding, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

We put together a small boot camp for CS graduates to get them industry ready. We identified three important gaps with our trainees.

  • Lack of depth and understanding on fundamentals.
  • How to apply concepts to build complex applications
  • Lack of exposure to real time challenges mirroring production environment.

With innovative and personalized teaching methods combined with intensive coding exercises, we redefined their thought process to address the gaps and the results were phenomenal.

We went on to reach out a wider audience – bright graduates who haven’t chosen CS as their major but interested in a career in coding. We also had applicants who were professionals having a day job but wanted to make a career shift to programming. This was indeed a real challenge. We had to teach them how to code, think like a coder, collaborate and build complex applications mirroring the corporate world – All this part time while they continue to have a regular job. It took us more time – we had to scale our program from 6 weeks to 12 weeks mandating 3 real time enterprise projects as a training outcome. The results were amazing!!


All this with an affordable tuition. Rather, at a fraction of the cost what an online boot camp would charge. How else can we be truly inclusive and reach out to a wider audience?

Today, we can boast of having mastered and implementing the most intensive part time code camp for professionals and graduates transforming their careers. It’s simple, we mock live scenarios from the first day of coding. We discuss real challenges and make our students solve real problems. We push you hard enough till you adopt to coding as a way of life. We do all of this right in the middle of an innovation hub surrounded by some of the promising.